Nama Milk Chocolate


Only when you put Nama in your mouth, can you express the sweetness as well as the charm of the taste that only Fresh Chocolate Milk Chocolate has, the flow of sweetness like spreading in the palate, and then finally leaving a little aftertaste of the aroma and taste of Nama Milk Chocolate. Not only that fresh chocolate also has many benefits for your health, what are you waiting for without trying Chocoline's Nama Milk Chocolate.

 There's no reason why you can't refuse Nama Milk Chocolate, which is one of the top types of high-class chocolate, loved by many people because of its unmistakable taste and uniqueness. its own is still soft and melts right on your palate, will always be a great choice for everyone.


Sipping 1 slice of milk chocolate, you will feel the sweet, smooth melt and faint aroma mixed with a gentle, attractive bitter aftertaste. Therefore, this type of chocolate is loved by many children and sweet lovers.
Ingredients: Cocoa mass 15%, Cocoa butter 30%, milk powder 24%, fresh cream 30%, auxiliary ingredients 1% (include: milk extract, lecithin (E322) and natural vanilla flavor)



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